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bushedothumb The department  employees are flying out the windows. Try and stop their descent to the ground- and save your company from ruin. The more employees lost- worse the wear on your building. Loose them all- and have nothing but a shell of a ghost company. “CLICK!”

BUSHEDO- Now at Newgrounds. Vote!

gothmBmbsSupply vehicles move in. Cans spew forth- and blanc manges splat your computer screen. Your goal: Score more energy units by capturing fresh fruit.

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Flower Wars

Our title Flower Wars, touches on the unseen violence of the hate crime.

Through extensive research of Oscilloscope frequencies we at Blinky Comix have found a way for the user to approach the silent criminal of the Taser (stun gun)- and how to release the Psyche to freedom. Through your choice of Bubble or Squeek- you can battle (and make the world a better place) from the evil Alt-R-Ops. Bring in a little blue skinned Pomeranian to shake things up and you have a title that has both sides of the ‘Hood cheering- “Go Puff!”

Game now available here.
Wireframes on view here!
Enjoy the  comic yourself 
Little Italy here.
All imagery and concept belongs to Blinky Comix ©2012

jacketJust leaked- characters from a new worx.
Out of the studios of Blinky Comix-


A set of homages to games as experienced through the world of Blinky Comix.

The movie IS BACK!

Game Jam

24–26 January 2014

Soundtrack for game- “Round the Park”. Go Around the Park. Encounter adventures. Collect sound. The wrong sequence will damn you to an eternity of searching. The right sequence will get you Out of the Park.


Issues too good to miss- but hard to spot. All here together in one collection for your pleasure.

Heartbeat: “Can I buy you a drink?’ starts the story at almost every bar in the world…
Baby Monitor: Strange, because the child was too young to speak.
Endgame: Throughout the streets- the black current came to life.
Storm: A poignant moment after the storm.
The Gallery: Stories around the Old City in The Gallery.
Rain: The fazing of the auto tellers went up and down- After The Rain.
Next: Deeper and deeper into the world of endless calculations and flashes of color

tealLast season we worked on a search engine.
It was put out of commission in a fortnight due to a change in code.

This is the front end to our engine-

Front End: Blinky, S.A

Back End (Code) : A Small Company of Friends
Well Dressed Stiffs Division

gameboardState2Forbidden knowledge is a central theme in many of Lovecraft’s works.
Many of his characters are driven by curiosity or scientific endeavor

(Uncovering) proves Promethean in nature, either filling the seeker with regret for what they have learned, destroying them psychologically, or completely destroying the person who holds the knowledge.

View the concept files from the board game: Necronomicon


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