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Previous art which seemed buried away-

“Summer Video Open Jam: an “open mike night for the moving image”allowing aspiring filmmakers to exhibit their work in a prominent Philadelphia gallery- “Medical Animation” Vox Populi. Philadelphia, Pa -Summer 2012″




       -has now resurfaced.

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On page 2 of BlinkyComixArt WordPress blog 
Other Game Titles:
Kanfoo Game Titles:
Flower Wars

 rtp   Now available for play and further development on ChallegePost!

Project now open only to personal circles of developers.


Many of the backgrounds in Blinky Comix are rendered in 3D before they are cartooned into. Shaders are more variable and be used in resolutions from print to web and broadcast.

Go forth and render unto…

Flash reprints or “Flashbacks” of previous issues of Blinky Comix in a proprietary format using Macromedia’s “Action” player- and was not available for all platforms.

Now, these early comix are available for all to see in the “Flash” format- as well as the first Blinky’s.

MySpace has made us all into natural Beachcombers- collecting pieces of music, words and photos. Mine is no exception.

If I have had a good meal or drink- the area warrants a picture.  Moreover if I feel tired a delight of sight or light is a true pick me up.

Modern beachcombers “follow the “drift lines” or “tide lines” on the beach and are interested in the (mostly natural) objects that the sea casts up. For these people, “beachcombing” is the … activity of looking for and finding various curiosities … all manner of things that have been lost or discarded by seagoing vessels will be collected by some beachcombers, as long as the items are either decorative or useful in some way to the collector.”

Mine are available here-Ningyo Hime

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The photos of Blinky Comix  now also appear at Facebook.
This should facilitate those of you who have a problem with the MySpace engine.

Featured Album available: Seaport- detailed pictures

jacketJust leaked- characters from a new worx.
Out of the studios of Blinky Comix-


A set of homages to games as experienced through the world of Blinky Comix.

The movie IS BACK!

Game Jam

24–26 January 2014

bushedothumb The department  employees are flying out the windows. Try and stop their descent to the ground- and save your company from ruin. The more employees lost- worse the wear on your building. Loose them all- and have nothing but a shell of a ghost company. “CLICK!”

BUSHEDO- Now at Newgrounds. Vote!


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