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The Absolute
Game art from 11/1/2013

Game art from 11/1/2013



12.17_&_18_.2014_LUMIERE_4x4_FRONTLumiere NYC in New York, New York

Wednesday, December 17 at 5:00pm in EST

Opening shots…

Show runs until the 19th.

(just to get you through the holidays…)


…that help us get online for repairing corruption . Goes to Firefox saving the day at Non-Profit Technologies!

I’m helping #teachtheweb with others by sharing my skills. Join me and collect your badge!

(just ask me what you can do with YOUR browser….)

Previous art which seemed buried away-

“Summer Video Open Jam: an “open mike night for the moving image”allowing aspiring filmmakers to exhibit their work in a prominent Philadelphia gallery”- “Medical Animation” Vox Populi. Philadelphia, Pa -Summer 2012″




       -has now resurfaced.

 rtp   Now available for play and further development on ChallegePost!

Project now open only to personal circles of developers.


Many of the backgrounds in Blinky Comix are rendered in 3D before they are cartooned into. Shaders are more variable and be used in resolutions from print to web and broadcast.

Go forth and render unto…

FOSSCON 2014 will be held Saturday, August 9th, 2014 at the Franklin Institute – 222 N 20th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103.HF

This year, we will be celebrating our 5th consecutive year in service. FOSSCON is a free and open source software conference that include talks and workshops on topics including development, community building, hackerspace activities, and more. Some of the topics previously presented at FOSSCON include: 3D printing, security, protecting your privacy, networking with the local tech community and discovering new technologies.


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