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A little notebook of mine from a class I am taking using “Processing”, “GIMP” and other software packages.

theDoorThumbKanojo ni sumu basho ga hoshī nodesuga. Kanojo ga eranda shokugyō de hatarakimasu. Watashi wa kanojo ni kanojo no jinsei o torimodoshite hoshī.-
“The Door”

かのじょがれんしょくきょうではらきます。 私は彼女のために彼の人生をとりもどしてほしい。


The Guardians watch the Deep. They know and protect the waters of life.         study2forpier17 Sketches from the upcoming Blinky Comix- Mallwave



escalataa   Catch it at Pier 17…

Wallpaper version here

vaporwave   Trapping in Philly

Some of my games are available here-titles

 Shots taken with a ZTE lens camera phone


whiskeyThumb Chinatown Postcards are available here.

Pictures from the Exhibit
Smile and Say Whiskey.
A series of Postcards from Chinatown
1 Pike Bar and Cafe. NYC, NY. June–August, 2018



Waterfront changes.

bramble3 1 The exhibit the drawings were in.

I do…

kostas  protap clockwork jeremyalehouse pbr  fm ft sharkarita chandeleer fw 


As the seagulls fly…

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