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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Blinky Comix is Izzy Hashiguchi Quick. Encouraged from a small child- she has taken pictures most all of her life. Her adult forays started with technical photography which comes across in her work as a definitive 3-D effect. This point of view pulls the audience in. Add to this another dimension of poignancy and you have works which are obsessively captivating.

She is involved in bio-tech. She is a technical illustrator and photographer. Her work has appeared in technical publications worldwide. She also cartoons.

She was trained at Temple University in Architecture- Historic Preservation/ Anthropology. And attended University of Pennsylvania for Anthropology/ Fine Arts. She has worked closely with the board at South Street Seaport on defining the seawall during the renovation of Pier 17. Her portfolio is available on line at-

View resume, LinkedIn resume– and photography portfolio at MySpace