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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Blinky Comix is Izzy Hashiguchi Quick. Encouraged from a small child- she has taken pictures most all of her life. Her adult forays started with technical photography which comes across in her work as a definitive 3-D effect. This point of view pulls the audience in. Add to this another dimension of poignancy and you have works which are obsessively captivating.

She is involved in bio-tech. She is a technical illustrator and photographer. Her work has appeared in technical publications worldwide. She also cartoons.

She was trained at Temple University in Architecture- Historic Preservation/ Anthropology. And attended University of Pennsylvania for Anthropology/ Fine Arts. She has worked closely with the board at South Street Seaport on defining the seawall during the renovation of Pier 17. Her photography portfolio is available on line at-

View resume, or LinkedIn resume.