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Monthly Archives: May 2011

memoryA panel from a life of a manga- Memory . A glance, a scuffle, and – you’re soaking in it. The newest venture from the Studios of Blinky Comix- Hey! What’s in the slick suitcase?

sthazrdzThe Blinky Comix site has been tagged and it happened with sT HaZrDz! An alternative scenario of the interactive comic/ game is up (in case you didn’t really go for that love thing- Yeah, you can get screwed.) Oh – BTW it’s right side up- because laptops look funny when you read them over your head.
Other concept art here.
What if manga came to life? The characters swirled and danced with the click of your mouse? Well now it’s here. sT HaZrDz– the interactive manga. With games and more tucked away in its pages – this is one bookmark that won’t fall out from your book.
And Now- Your fate has been cast.
   Stills from sT HaZrDz. Your fate has been cast.

_thumb_100x100Modeled after a folded paper fortune telling game Fortune is a Flash based game brought to you by the Studio of Blinky Comix. Just pick a number- then pick again- and watch the bird come to life (or maybe not) and tell your fortune.
Let the oracle divine your Fortune.

gsWhat happens at an old roadhouse on New Years Eve?
Ghost Story

voodooAnd now for tails of intrigue. Oh them  “VooDoo” chicken bones.