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Monthly Archives: November 2013

sqekpor.jpg.w180h153Soundtrack for game- “Round the Park”. Go Around the Park. Encounter adventures. Collect sound. The wrong sequence will damn you to an eternity of searching. The right sequence will get you Out of the Park.

Music produced in ChucK
ChucK… is part of the Chimera release.


babymonitor  Issues too good to miss- but hard to spot. All here together in one collection for your pleasure

Baby Monitor: Strange, because the child was too young to speak.
Endgame: Throughout the streets- the black current came to life.
Storm: A poignant moment after the storm.
The Gallery (A.K.A. The Door): Stories around the Old City in The Gallery.

Rain: The fazing of the auto tellers went up and down- After The Rain.
Next: Deeper and deeper into the world of endless calculations and flashes of color.

tealLast season we worked on a search engine.

This is the front end to our engine
Front End: Blinky, S.A

Back End (Code) :Well Dressed Stiffs

Teal“- a natural language search base engine with the capability for graphic representation upon pop-outs and an auto suggestion finder. This was later incorporated into search engines. 2012