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Category Archives: Beachcombing

Waterfront changes.

bramble3 1 The exhibit the drawings were in.


As the seagulls fly…

DSCF6050                                  on MySpace

Shots from the construction of the Fish Market.


DSCF5129                                            On MySpace.

Art from the Scavenger Hunt issue which was shown at The SoHo ArtHouse– is available for viewing.  Newer images from the bar are here…

fountain 1                               Seapunk was never so exciting!



MySpace has made us all into natural Beachcombers- collecting pieces of music, words and photos. Mine is no exception.

If I have had a good meal or drink- the area warrants a picture.  Moreover if I feel tired a delight of sight or light is a true pick me up.

Modern beachcombers “follow the “drift lines” or “tide lines” on the beach and are interested in the (mostly natural) objects that the sea casts up.  For these people, “beachcombing” is the … activity of looking for and finding various curiosities … all manner of things that have been lost or discarded by seagoing vessels will be collected by some beachcombers, as long as the items are either decorative or useful in some way to the collector.”

Mine are available here-

Reference links- Modern usage: