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theDoorThumbKanojo ni sumu basho ga hoshī nodesuga. Kanojo ga eranda shokugyō de hatarakimasu. Watashi wa kanojo ni kanojo no jinsei o torimodoshite hoshī.-
“The Door”

かのじょがれんしょくきょうではらきます。 私は彼女のために彼の人生をとりもどしてほしい。



The Guardians watch the Deep. They know and protect the waters of life.         study2forpier17 Sketches from the upcoming Blinky Comix- Mallwave




Smile and Say Whiskey
Blinky Comix

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Catalog of online works of Blinky Comix:
deadMall|SketchesII|Smile and Say Whiskey|Comic Books|mallwave
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Many of the backgrounds in Blinky Comix are rendered in 3D before they are cartooned into. Shaders are more variable and be used in resolutions from print to web and broadcast.
Go forth and render unto…

Nozzles also available

Flash reprints or “Flashbacks” of previous issues of Blinky Comix in a proprietary format using Macromedia’s “Action” player- and was not available for all platforms.

Now, these early comix are available for all to see in the “Flash” format- as well as the first Blinky’s.

jacketLeaked- characters from a work in progress.
Out of the studios of Blinky Comix-

babymonitor  Issues too good to miss- but hard to spot. All here together in one collection for your pleasure

Baby Monitor: Strange, because the child was too young to speak.
Endgame: Throughout the streets- the black current came to life.
Storm: A poignant moment after the storm.
The Gallery (A.K.A. The Door): Stories around the Old City in The Gallery.

Rain: The fazing of the auto tellers went up and down- After The Rain.
Next: Deeper and deeper into the world of endless calculations and flashes of color.


A View of the Universe 3-D!
3-D view is a color composite picture made from two different black and white images that were taken from slightly different viewing angles. The images are combined so that the viewer’s left and right eye, respectively and separately, see a left and right image of the black and white stereo pair when viewed through red-blue glasses.

Check out the infographic at-