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Some of my games are available here-titles


waves_header_0 Philly Game Jawn #GGJ17 is over. It made quite a wave. Here’s a few games it left for you to play.



An animation sequence from a upcoming game- ‘HenPicked”


(“HenPickeds” chicken is based on Widow Jane-
the previous mascot of the Cacao Prieto Distillery in Red Hook.)

GGJ round logoPlease enjoy our local game jam from Philly Game Forge.

jammer’s presentations…                                                              sqekpor


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fw   The title Flower Wars- Little Italy, touches on the unseen violence of the hate crime.

grttP    Notice: The Ghostride Through the Park has not disappeared- it’s on Newgrounds.

You can find it here

fatecalulator Click what you desire to know and consult with one of the four robots to assist with the answer.

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fortunes That folded paper game is back.

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Thanks Silly!


…you can have fun too
–  or –
See the game that was built from these pieces here