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Category Archives: photography + art

 Deviant Art Offerings from Blinky Comix on Deviant Art



mallwave2   Catch it at Pier 17…

vaporwave   Trapping in Philly

 Shots taken with a ZTE lens camera phone


whiskeyThumbThe preliminary narrative version of “Smile and Say Whiskey” is available in PDF version here.


Concept art for the upcoming comic is available here.

An Interactive Journey Through Light and Sound


An immersive sensory art and light installation.

Waterfront changes.

bramble3 1 The exhibit the drawings were in.

I do…

kostas  protap clockwork jeremyalehouse pbr Dim Sum fm ft sharkarita chandeleer wcf


As the seagulls fly…

DSCF6050                                  on MySpace

dscf5666.jpg                   …now on MySpace